20 Contoh Kalimat Present Tense dan Plural Nouns

Pada Artikel Pandai kali ini, kita akan membahas mengenai contoh-contoh kalimat  present tense .Untuk definisi, rumus dan penggunaan secara lengkapnya kalian bisa membacanya di artikel kami yang terdahulu. Kalimat  present tense, seperti tenses lainya, memiliki bentuk kalimat positif, negatif, dan interogatif. Jika banyak yang masih bingung cara membuat kalimat simple present tense dalam bentuk positif, negatif, dan interogatif atau tanya, kalian bisa membaca contoh-contoh kalimatnya di artikel ini. Untuk lebih jelasnya, berikut 20 contoh kalimat simple present tense positif, negatif, dan interogatif. Silahkan disimak baik – baik ya guys.
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Contoh Kalimat Present Tense

  1. When my brother comes back (come back), what I have to do?

  2. Sisca always goes (always,go) to school every morning.

  3. My father usually reads (usually, read) a newspaper while drinking coffe in the morning.

  4. She doesn't speak (not, speak) Indonesian because she comes from England.

  5. Does she let (she, let) you go?

  6. I hate living in your city because it is always cold (be, always, cold)

  7. They always come (always, come) late.

  8. Do you have (you, have) some money? i need it

  9. I do not know (not, know) who you are.

  10. The sun arises (arise) every morning.

  11. He never visit (never, visit) his child on Saturday.

  12. Do you like (you, like) pizza? If you like it, I will buy you the biggest one.

  13. The people hate (hate) this new minister

  14. My paarents usually jog (usually, jog) in the morning, while I usually sleep.

  15. Danny does not have (not, have) any ideas to share with you.

  16. The tour guide does not want (not, want) to help us go around.

  17. Is he (be, he) handsome?

  18. Tara always reads (alwas, read) my novel every night.

  19. Why do you walk (you, walk) so far? You can stop a taxi.

  20. When I meet you, Maria always looks (always, look) at me in a long time.

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Contoh Plural Nouns

  1. How many (day) day have we left?

  2. Team members will be selected according to strict (criterion) Criteria

  3. We want to change the way (woman) women are depicted in the media

  4. We saw several (deer) deer in the park.

  5. His job is to investigate supernatural (phenomenon) Phenomena

  6. Can you recommend some good (book) books?

  7. There are several (student) students waiting to see you?

  8. I had to have two (tooth) teeth pulled the order day.

  9. How many (box) boxes are there on the truck?

  10. Give me two (loaf) loaves of bread, please!

  11. My (foot) feets really hurt.

  12. You can alawys hear (echo) echoes in these mountains.

  13. They are proud of their (child) children

  14. Did you raise these (tomato) tomatoes in your garden?

  15. There are twelve (month) months in a year.


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